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Our mission is to build a house and people, who know how to host the presence of God. We endeavor to gather the remnant and bring them into a lifestyle of both prayer and worship.


Our heart's desire is to restore the broken, recover the lost and provide a safe haven for the abandoned as well as the neglected.


Our mission is to also, call forth the intercessors, the watchmen and the prophets into position as well as establish corporate prayer. To pray into existence the vision, plans and purposes of God for this ministry, our community and the region that God has called us to both influence and impact.


In doing so, we will transform lives, reform regions and convert the kingdom of this world into the Kingdom of our God.



Our vision is to breakthrough denominational and racial boundaries, in order to unite the people as one.


To bridge the gap between, the old and new: while maintaining, the glory or presence of God.


To train, build and equip the remnant and the ministers of the five-fold through prayer, teaching; so that the mission and the Will of the Lord will be accomplished.


To make them (the remnant) fully aware, that they are not screw-ups, failures or a disappointment but reformers, world changers, atmosphere shifters and agents of change.

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