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Known for his grace to navigate through intercession and his ability to skillfully merge the old songs with contemporary songs. Apostle DelQuan A. Cole, has always been a man whose voice caused Heaven to respond. Very early in life, his love for both God and the church were very evident. He was filled with the Holy Ghost, on Sunday, April 4, 1999 at the age of 9 at New Mt. Olive Apostolic Holiness Church in Halifax, VA. He later moved to Richmond, VA. It was there, that his commitment to God and the things of God caused many doors and opportunities to open up. Within this local assembly, he began to serve on a plethora of auxiliaries and later became one of the Bishop’s adjutants. 


In 2005, he accepted the call to preach the Gospel. In 2008, he launched an outreach ministry entitled, Yielded Empowerment Saving Ministries. Through Y.E.S Ministries, Apostle DA utilized social media outlets to organize networks to feed the homeless and gather the people. Little did he know, these humble beginnings and acts of kindness would be how his ministry would expand. 


In 2009, he relocated to Waco, TX to assist with establishing a church. After that assignment was completed, the then transitioned to Raleigh, NC; where the Lord really began to stir up the intercessor and his prophetic gift. 


In December of 2013, the Lord instructed him to start an outreach prayer ministry in South Boston, VA: which was called The Remnant Ministries. After 13 months and with the blessing of his leader, Bishop Victor Plump; TRM shifted from an outreach ministry into a church. TRM was then renamed, The Remnant Worship Center until recently: today that ministry is known as The Gathering Place.


In 2020, following the leading of the Lord, he relocated to Greensboro, NC and launched, The Remnant Worship Assembly. This thriving multicultural ministry is known as "THE ARK", an ark of safety and the place where God dwells: this is the gathering place where people experience God and lives are changed forever. 


On September 18th, 2021- he was officially affirmed and commissioned as an Apostle in the Lord's Church. Today, Apostle DA is continuing the work of the Lord by establishing, cultivating and equipping individuals, churches and reforming regions.



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